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A Professional Can Make Your Disability Application Stronger

It’s a real struggle when you can’t work because of serious health problems.
Monthly income from social security disability can make your life easier.

Is this something you can do yourself? Or do you need help as you apply for disability benefits?

A type of professional can navigate the questions for you. Disability advocates undergo training and certification in helping people go through Social Security’s programs. You can also find lawyers who handle disability claims.

It is possible to file your application on your own. In fact, some disability advocates and lawyers will tell you to apply yourself and get back in touch when you get denied for disability benefits.

But that’s not how it has to be.

You can get a disability representative from the very beginning of your application.

That can make dealing with the process smoother for you—and you don’t pay your advocate until you win benefits, regardless of whether they only help you with your initial application, or your case goes through several steps of appeals.

If you’re in Indiana, HANLEY DISABILITY can assist you through this disability application process.

We have disability advocates who’ve helped thousands of people in Indianapolis, Danville, Franklin, Lebanon, Noblesville, and across Central Indiana, for more than 30 years.

For more on how it helps you to get a disability attorney or advocate when you’re first applying for Social Security Disability, see our list below.

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Why Work with a Disability Lawyer or Advocate? Here Are Four Reasons.

This is why it can be best for you to get a disability attorney or advocate working on your claim:

Reason #1: THEY CAN EASE THE BURDEN ON YOU. Filling out the complicated forms and collecting medical proof of your condition can be taxing. Right now, you need all your energy to focus on your health.

Reason #2: THEY CAN HELP YOU AVOID MISTAKES. It’s not easy to complete an application for Social Security Disability benefits. It is easy, however, to make mistakes if you do it on your own. You can have a smoother application process by avoiding making errors the first time around.

Reason #3: THEY CAN STAND UP FOR YOU IF YOU GET DENIED. The reality is most people are denied when they first apply for disability. If you’re denied, your disability advocate or lawyer will already be familiar with your case and can take the right steps to appeal your denial, giving you another, possibly better, chance at winning benefits. If you have to make your arguments for benefits in front of an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ), your advocate can represent and support you before and during your hearing.

Reason #4: THEY CAN IMPROVE YOUR CHANCES OF GETTING BENEFITS. Government data shows that if you work with a representative, you have a higher chance of being awarded disability benefits after your hearing. This is because they know how to make sure your case for benefits is clear, correct and compelling.

You can start working with an advocate by getting a FREE CASE CONSULTATION from Hanley Disability.

Because there is no fee until you win benefits, there’s little risk for you to work with a disability representative.

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Finding the Right Disability Advocate or Lawyer in Indianapolis

And there’s another reason to work with a disability advocate that’s impossible to measure but immeasurably valuable—to make sure you’re treated with respect and dignity.

With major health problems and financial worries, you’re in one of the most difficult and sensitive times in your life. Yet the giant government program meant to help you can seem cold and uncaring.

An advocate by your side makes sure you receive the personal attention you deserve when you’re down through no fault of your own and fighting for financial stability and independence.

Remember, not every disability lawyer or advocate is even going to help you with the initial application.

But the disability advocates at Hanley Disability will. We can help you from the start, and every step of the way, explaining where you stand, what’s happening with your claim and what to expect next.

Most of all, we want to see you through to a better time.

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