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Indianapolis man in need of social security disability benefits
You’ve always been a hard worker.

Then a severe health problem disrupts your life, threatens your finances, and fills you with uncertainty. You should know you’re not alone.

You can get one of the most respected teams of Social Security Disability advocates to help you move forward with your life. Disability advocates and disability lawyers are trained and experienced in securing resources for you when bad health forces you to stop working.

Hanley Disability is a leader in the field, founded over 50 years ago. The certified disability advocates at our firm today have decades of experience helping people like you win benefits from the government.

Social Security Disability benefits come with monthly checks that can restore your sense of peace and independence.

But trying to win disability benefits on your own can be incredibly hard. Most people get denied. You’re already dealing with your physical or mental condition, making things hard enough.

Hanley Disability is dedicated entirely to winning financial relief for you.

Social Security Disability Is All We Do.

Our Indianapolis disability advocates help people in Danville, Franklin, Lebanon, Noblesville, and anywhere in Indiana. In fact, we may be able to help no matter where you are in America.

If you need to file an initial application, or you need to appeal a denial of disability benefits, we know every step of the process.
Contact us to talk about your case.

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Once you’re denied benefits, the clock starts ticking. Don’t wait too long. You might miss the deadline to appeal.

How To Appeal

Do You Need To Know If You Qualify For Disability Benefits?

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How We Can Help You


To outsiders, the Social Security system can be daunting and downright baffling.

We see it all the time.

You may have heard it’s impossible to get benefits. Or you may know someone who seemed to get benefits easily. It’s confusing.

But you don’t have to wait and wonder whether you qualify for Social Security Disability.

You can talk to us at Hanley Disability advocates.

We can help you understand:

  • If your type of medical condition may be eligible for benefits
  • If your condition may be severe enough to get benefits
  • If your condition is long-lasting enough to get benefits
  • If you meet Social Security’s work history rules

It doesn’t cost you anything to talk to us, so we can give you an idea of where you stand.

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Do You Want to Make Sure You Apply for Disability Benefits the Right Way?

Submitting an application for Social Security Disability benefits includes many parts:

  • Filling out pages of forms
  • Sending in medical records from your doctors
  • Describing your job experience

It’s easy to make a small mistake when you’re applying for disability benefits that can cause delays in getting benefits or lead to a denial.

But if you talk to some Social Security Disability lawyers out there, they may tell you to apply for benefits on your own and call them back for help once you’ve been denied.

Not at Hanley Disability.

Our disability advocates take pride in offering you our services throughout the process, from the very beginning with filling out your application. We can make sure your application is clear and thorough, so you get the best chance at securing these life-changing benefits.


Are You Looking for Help with a Denial of Social Security Disability?

A difficult fact about the Social Security Disability system is that a large majority of people who apply do get denied.

It’s extremely common to need to appeal a disability denial.
And in fact, it’s when people appeal that they often win benefits. Don’t give up when you are denied!

Filing an appeal is more complicated than making your initial application for disability benefits.

Appealing a Social Security Disability denial includes;

  • Identifying why you were denied, so you can correct it
  • Filling out even more forms
  • Sending new medical evidence to Social Security
  • Possibly going in front of a disability judge to personally explain why you need benefits

The good news is that you have multiple opportunities to win benefits on appeal.

But appealing is when we strongly recommend that you get help with your disability claim.

Our disability advocates can stay by your side through it all, working to make sure this confusing process doesn’t trip you up, and that you get the best possible chance at winning benefits.


Hanley Disability’s Values: Helping People in Times of Need

Our firm was founded by disability attorney Frank Hanley, who was a pioneer in Social Security Disability advocacy in Indiana and nationally.

As a young lawyer, one of his early clients needed disability benefits, and Mr. Hanley was inspired by how much he could make a difference in that man’s life.

He started helping people get Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits in 1970.

And he built a team that has the same values he did: the importance of helping others, getting to know clients as individuals, and providing personal attention and care for your disability claim.

Unlike some large firms with the goal of pushing through as many cases as possible like an assembly line, the disability advocates at Hanley Disability who carry on Frank Hanley’s tradition will not treat you like a number.

We will always talk time to meet with you personally. We’ll help you prepare before you talk to a Social Security judge. We’ll be by your side through your hearing, and the whole process.

Don’t take a chance when it comes to your future. Let Hanley Disability help you start taking back control of your life.

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“I would like to take the time to send you a big THANK YOU! You are all the very kindest people that I have ever met. I was, and am amazed at how you are for the people! I wish you all the very best in all that you do! I just wish there were more lawyers like you, Frank, and the world would be a better place. Take care of that back of yours, as I will mine.”

- One of our clients
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