Do You Want Relief from Health-Related Financial Stress?

If you live with emphysema, you know better than anyone how it can really sap your strength. And this chronic lung condition can get worse with time. One day, even walking a short distance may leave you stopping to catch your breath.

Being unable to walk often means you can’t work. Now your health challenges have has imperiled your income.

Don’t give up. There is reason for hope.

Folks with chronic lung impairments such as emphysema can qualify for Social Security Disability benefits. Those benefits help cover your monthly expenses. They’re a lifeline in a difficult time.

Making it through the claims process, however, is no easy task. You first have to prove you can’t work, and collecting all the right documents and meeting all your deadlines is a huge undertaking.

Many applicants are denied and left worn out by the sheer volume of paperwork.

Get the help you need to overcome an overwhelming situation. Reach out to the experienced disability advocates at Hanley Disability. We’ve been helping people in Indianapolis, Danville, and across Indiana for 45 years.

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Once you’re denied benefits, the clock starts ticking. Don’t wait too long. You might miss the deadline to appeal.

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How to Prove You Can’t Work and Need Disability Benefits for Emphysema

Emphysema does not have its own separate entry in Social Security’s main list of impairments that qualify you for disability Benefits. But its symptoms do fit the Social Security Administration’s definition for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

To qualify for Social Security Disability benefits , you have to prove that you physically cannot work and that your condition has progressed to a debilitating degree, reaching Stage 3 or 4 (severe or very severe) of a COPD diagnosis.

Social Security will want to see:

  • Results of medical tests tracking the severity of your emphysema, including chest x-rays, how you perform on a breathing test based on your height, age, and weight, and other imaging that shows the extent of your respiratory condition.
  • Extensive documentation of the progress of your condition, including your medical records and how you responded to therapy and treatments over time.

Our experienced disability advocates know how to work with Social Security’s process. Let us fight for you to help you gain access to the benefits for which you’re eligible. We want to help you move forward to a better life.

Wonder whether your case of emphysema could get you approved for financial relief from Social Security Disability? Tell us about your situation, free of charge.

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What Happens if My Social Security Disability Application for Emphysema is Denied?

Living with emphysema is a challenge all on its own. Not getting the help you need from Social Security only adds to your struggle to support yourself.

An emphysema diagnosis can qualify for Social Security Disability, but up to 79 percent of all applicants are denied benefits on their first attempt.

And with emphysema lacking its own designation as a qualifying impairment, that makes it all the more important to have determined, experienced advocates in your corner.

You have to prove that your symptoms themselves, not just your diagnosis, limit your daily life enough to rule out working.

The professional advocates at Hanley Disability can work with you, track down the documentation you need, identify what you need to change from your initial application, and help you build a stronger case to appeal Social Security’s denial decision.

It can take months to hear back when you file an appeal, and we stand by you every step of the way, including when you go to a hearing with a disability judge.

We want to see you get the benefits you need and deserve so you can focus on what really matters: treating your emphysema and living your best life with fewer financial hardships.

You pay no fee for your advocate until you win benefits.

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