Does Social Security Disability Recognize HIV/AIDS in Awarding Financial Help?

When you’re living with Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) or Autoimmune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), you know the cycle of infections can disrupt every aspect of your life.

You may find yourself in and out of the hospital, facing mounting medical bills on top of the financial uncertainty that comes from your inability to work.

There is hope: Social Security recognizes HIV and AIDS as medical conditions that can qualify you for disability benefits.

There is also a catch, however. Because treatments for HIV and AIDs have greatly improved over the years—mercifully for millions of people—the disease no longer is automatically debilitating as it once was.

That means there is no guarantee that Social Security will easily grant disability benefits to people with HIV or AIDS.

Winning these benefits is much more difficult, and most claims are initially denied.

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How Do I Qualify for Disability Benefits with HIV or AIDS?

Social Security has a complex series of qualifications your condition must meet to receive disability benefits. The bottom line is you must prove you cannot work.

To begin, you must present a definitive diagnosis of HIV or AIDS through lab tests or a detailed report from your doctor. You must also show that your HIV/AIDS diagnosis has led to one of the following disorders:

  • Multicentric Castleman disease, a condition that negatively impacts multiple sets of lymph nodes
  • Cancer, such as lymphoma or pulmonary Kaposi sarcoma
  • A white blood cell count low enough to qualify
  • Viral, fungal or skin disorders that leave you unable to work
  • A pattern of hospitalization from symptoms such as depression, diarrhea, immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome, malnutrition or others

For hospitalizations, you will need to show you have been admitted to a hospital at least three times at least 30 days apart in a 12-month period.

Even if you don’t meet one of these qualifications, you can still be eligible for disability benefits. In those cases, you must show your condition severely limits normal activities, from physical movement to social interaction to completing tasks in a timely manner.

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How Do I Prove My HIV/AIDS Disability Case to Social Security?

As with every health problem that qualifies for Social Security Disability benefits, you must meet the following three requirements:

  • Your HIV/AIDS infection doesn’t allow you to continue in your job.
  • You cannot switch to another line of work to accommodate your condition.
  • Your condition will last at least a year.

Your struggle with HIV or AIDS can make these criteria seem obvious. But you still face strong chances that Social Security will deny your application for disability benefits, because of how common denials are.

You’ll need strong evidence of your case from extensive medical documentation. This can include:

  • Reports from your doctor regarding your medical exam
  • The results of your medical tests
  • Hospitalization records
  • All the medications you take
  • Details of treatment you’re undertaking and how effective it is
  • Statements from family, friends, or people close to you who can attest to the impact HIV or AIDS has had on your daily life

You don’t have to go through your claim alone. Hanley Disability is here to help guide you through this complicated process.

The quality of your life is at stake. Financial stability that comes with disability benefits can be a lifeline to let you focus on your health.

We know how important that is to you. Our advocates at Hanley Disability will handle your case with dignity, thoroughness, and compassion because we care about our neighbors across Indiana.

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