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Your financial stability and overall sense of peace can increase with Social Security Disability benefits if health problems leave you unable to work.

Hepatitis C can qualify you for this monthly disability income. Applying for benefits is difficult, however. Most people are initially denied.

A disability claim for hepatitis C can be complicated by the fact that some people experience severe and debilitating cases of hepatitis C—and some don’t.

It’s also a disease that can go a long time before showing any effects. Often, by the time you know you have it, you’ve already experienced irreversible liver damage.

In a hard time like this, we want you to know that help is available for you to get through the complicated government process and get access to financial relief.

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How to Qualify for Social Security Disability with Hepatitis C

The Social Security Administration (SSA) evaluates hepatitis C under its rules for chronic liver diseases.

The rules are full of difficult-to-follow medical terms.

But there’s no doubt that if your hepatitis C leads to other severe liver diseases like cirrhosis, cancer or liver failure, you may be able to get benefits.

To qualify for Social Security Disability with hepatitis C, you’ll need to provide medical evidence showing that you suffer from effects like these:

  • Bacterial infection related to liver disease
  • Kidney dysfunction related to liver disease
  • Lung conditions resulting from liver disease
  • Nervous system disorders
  • Internal fluid accumulation
  • Internal hemorrhaging
  • End-stage liver disease

For every Social Security Disability claim, you must show that you can’t work at all because of serious health problems that will last at least a year. Or they’re permanent.

To get a better idea of how you might be able to prove your case for disability benefits for hepatitis C, talk to the disability advocates at Hanley Disability.

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Tips for a Successful Social Security Disability Application for Hepatitis C

To win approval for Social Security Disability with hepatitis C, you’ll need to provide as much medical information as possible.

This can include:

  • Results from blood lab work
  • X-rays or other medical imaging of your liver
  • Biopsies of liver tissue
  • Reports from your doctor
  • Details of medications you take
  • Side effects of your medications
  • Records from every hospital or doctor’s office you’ve visited

The official Social Security Disability listing for chronic liver diseases is complicated. But even if you can’t match all the requirements with your case of hepatitis C on its own, you could still win disability benefits by showing that your individual symptoms limit your ability to function.

That means Social Security will assess your physical strength and stamina and your mental ability to concentrate and keep up with tasks.

Social Security calls this your “residual functional capacity,” or RFC. Using your RFC may be your path to getting approved for benefits.

You’ll also need to describe all of your most recent jobs in detail, not holding back on the physical and mental demands of your work. And you’ll need to explain your financial situation.

You want someone experienced with this process to guide you and find the best approach for your case.

You don’t have to sort it out on your own. And you don’t pay a fee for working with a disability advocate until you win benefits.

If you’re living with severe effects from hepatitis C, let’s get you the financial support you need to rest easier.

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